In every race I have run here in Spain I have have to say that a huge percentage of runners cheat.  They will run on the sidewalk instead of the street and on every turn cut though the sidewalk, or park, or any way that will give an advantage.  I have even seen people not […]

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Barcelona 10K Challenge

The Challenge Are you a fan, a big fan, of 10K races? Does the idea of trying to endure a long series of races throughout a year entice you?  If yes, and you live in Barcelona,  you are in luck. There is a competition known as the BCN 10K CHALLENGE .  It is a series […]

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So you think you can run?

OK, you have just decided to quit smoking or decided to quit eating junk food or both.  You are feeling good. Perfect.  Then, five minutes go by and you really don’t know what to do with all the extra time on your hands.  Nail biting? Picking your nose? That takes about 4-5 minutes, max. You figure […]

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