Injury etiquette

Aside from dreams, facebook, customer service woes, and pets, listening to someone talk about their sports injury has to be one of the most boring topics of conversation. I won’t write about mine on this post, but you can read about it here (I really tried to make it as entertaining as possible). Runners get […]

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Staying Motivated

OK, you passed that first hurdle and are actually capable of being able to run. Congratulations. Now, running will become a routine and that often comes hand in hand with boredom which leads to lack of motivation which leads to, you know where this is heading. However, you might be the type of guy who simply enjoys […]

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The Running of the Noses

This New Year’s Eve, while in Barcelona, I ran my fourth race since I got back into running on Feb 1, 2012.  It was the Cursa dels Nassos, an annual race near the oceanside of the city. Cursa del Nassos means “running of the noses.” There were about 10.000 runners and I managed to finish 6.216th! […]

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