Day before the race

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with the running.  Tomorrow is the biggest running event in Latvia and I have a slight fever, a head cold, and my left hamstring is feeling like a banjo.  I would recommend myself to just stay home tomorrow.  Instead, I have told myself and others that I will go and […]

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20K long run in the cold.

Most people who enjoy running and especially those who are training for an event, usually pick a day to do a long run or at least some more distance than their regular run.  Weekends, obviously, are the most common day for this type of run.  You don’t rush through your long runs and you try […]

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Staying Motivated

OK, you passed that first hurdle and are actually capable of being able to run. Congratulations. Now, running will become a routine and that often comes hand in hand with boredom which leads to lack of motivation which leads to, you know where this is heading. However, you might be the type of guy who simply enjoys […]

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The Running of the Noses

This New Year’s Eve, while in Barcelona, I ran my fourth race since I got back into running on Feb 1, 2012.  It was the Cursa dels Nassos, an annual race near the oceanside of the city. Cursa del Nassos means “running of the noses.” There were about 10.000 runners and I managed to finish 6.216th! […]

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