They told me that i should run at a pace that allows me to have short conversations, Does "Help, Im dying count?" #running #marathon — Panagiotis Lianos (@runmanrunman) April 25, 2015

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Children and Technology

Many people seem to be amazed when they see a toddler using an ipad.  They think, “Wow! She’s so little and can flick through photos or play a game.” Or perhaps they will comment on how kids today are so much more advanced than we were.  However, the reality is that an ipad or a […]

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Barcelona Marathon

  Woke up with a slight fever (37,5) and my throat was killing me but there was no way I was going to miss the Barcelona Marathon.  Four months of training, four months of nagging, and four months of waiting were not meant to end with me sitting on the sideline. One thing that I […]

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In every race I have run here in Spain I have have to say that a huge percentage of runners cheat.  They will run on the sidewalk instead of the street and on every turn cut though the sidewalk, or park, or any way that will give an advantage.  I have even seen people not […]

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