Barcelona Marathon



Woke up with a slight fever (37,5) and my throat was killing me but there was no way I was going to miss the Barcelona Marathon.  Four months of training, four months of nagging, and four months of waiting were not meant to end with me sitting on the sideline.

One thing that I have to say about running the damn thing is that the training will not prepare you for the race.  It is much larger than any training session.  Half way through I felt that things were going well and I had it in me.  At about the 30th kilometer everything crumbled around me.  Every negative thought that I have ever had about myself resurfaced in my head, screaming!  I wasn’t going to finish.  I figured that I should just walk for a while and figure out where to catch a cab home.  I somehow collected my thought and decided to walk the rest of the race, perhaps jog the final meters.  After about a kilometer of walking I got my strength back physically and mentally and ran the final 11 kilometers.  Seeing Bea and my son at the finish line brought me to tears, it was over!  I dizzily walked over to them and said the cliche first time runner ‘s “Never again.”

I felt sick for two days after and it didn’t help that my mom sent me a link to an informative website about how running a marathon when sick can lead to a heart condition which is fatal 7-14 days after the event.  (I’m on day 5 now!).

My time was 5 hours 5 minutes and now I want to beat that one day.



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