Here we see a guy cutting through the beer stand.

In every race I have run here in Spain I have have to say that a huge percentage of runners cheat.  They will run on the sidewalk instead of the street and on every turn cut though the sidewalk, or park, or any way that will give an advantage.  I have even seen people not running sections of a race where you are supposed to run down a stretch of road and then return.  They simply just duck under the tape and run into the return lane and continue thier race.

I really do not get it.  I am not talking about the leaders of the race, I assume they are being watched as they run, the people I speak of are mid to slow runners.  They are people who maybe gain 3-5 minutes a race to accomplish a 50 minute 10k at best.  Running, if you are not at an elite level, is a personal sport, you are only competeing against yourself.  Saying that you finished in 6.789th place instead of 6.912th place will not impress anyone, nor qualify you for a higher level race. I assume that maybe people get a high off of knowing that they did it, much like an affluent shoplifter might get a kick out of stealing an orange from a grocery store.  Perhaps, they have bet someone else in the race that they will win and will do anything to accomplish it. Maybe I’m making too much of a deal about it and I should start cutting corners too.

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