Running races with strollers and/or dogs

running stroller


Both of those activities should be banned.  Even race rules, usually, have a lower age limit for entrants, normally around fourteen years old.  This should apply to children in strollers and dogs.  Just to get things straight,  I am talking about a race,  not about just running in the park or streets or during any race that has the words “fun run” in it.

Running with children
is just plain stupid.  Last week i ran in a 10K with 17,000 runners,  at one point on the side line I saw paramedics patching up a two year old lying on the ground his father looking very worried standing by an overturned stroller.  Next to them was a runner, also clearly upset. I don’t know what happened exactly but probably the runner and the stroller pusher collided.
In any case, if you bring your stroller to a race you put your kid in jeopardy.  Also, I don’t think it is very considerate of  the people running in the race.  I know I’m not going to break any records anytime soon, but I like to challenge myself every time I run, that is what races are for.  When there is a stroller ahead of me I have to be extra cautious to avoid it because there is no possible scenario, even if a parent takes his kid out of the stroller and throws him on me, where I won’t receive the scorn of everyone around and look like an asshole.


have no place in a running race.  Most of them do not know how to act with so many people running besides them.  They try to jump on you, they cut you off, when they see another dog they pull their owner who then also cuts you off.  Dog owners are totally oblivious to this, I am pretty sure they just hear the occasional, ‘Nice dog!’ comment and go home thinking they somehow made the race more enjoyable for everyone.

I love kids and like dogs but it is better if you leave them at home when in a race.

2 thoughts on “Running races with strollers and/or dogs

  1. I often workout with my dog, I take him for long runs and tempo workouts. However, I’d never bring him to a road race, even if it’s just for fun.
    It’d put him under stress for sure, they like to smell around and be aware of everything, unlike guide dogs that trained to deal with that kind of situations.
    I saw a guy running with his dog at the Sevilla Night Race, before the race the dog was fine, the minute people started to run, he went crazy.
    Same applies for strollers, ok on workouts but not for races.


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