Barcelona 10K Challenge

BCN 10K Challenge

The Challenge

Are you a fan, a big fan, of 10K races? Does the idea of trying to endure a long series of races throughout a year entice you?  If yes, and you live in Barcelona,  you are in luck. There is a competition known as the BCN 10K CHALLENGE .  It is a series of races, fifteen to be exact, that take place around this beautiful city from September till June.  Each race is given a maximum score of 50 or 100.  The winner of the race gets the maximum points and the rest of the runners get points according to how their time relates to the winner.  If the winner of a 50 point race finishes with a time of 30:00  and you finish in one hour he would get 50 points and you would get 25.  At the end of all fifteen races the person with the most points is the winner.  Consistency in competing is just as, if not more, important than your times.  Besides being a fun competition and a great way to keep yourself motivated throughout the year, it is a also a great way to see many of Barcelona’s neighborhoods.  So far I have run the Cursa BarcaPoble Nou, Correbarri and Cursa Marce races.


In general, if you plan to do any running while in Catalonia it is advisable to get what is known as a yellow chip.  Almost all races require that you either buy a white timing chip or have a yellow chip.  The white timing chip is a single use chipe while the yellow one you can keep and race with again and again.  Your scores are kept by a running commision (You can also find a massive listing of other races going on).  They keep a record of most local races.

Now for the 10K challenge. If you own a yellow chip, you are automatically included in the BCN 10K Challenge, so you don’t have to do anything else except follow your score as the year goes by.

So, if you are a runner that lives in Barcelona, I hope to see you running in one  of the barrios one day.


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