Cursa Barca 10K – For those who like anything Barca


The is the first race of the 10K Barcelona Challenge series. A new entry in the competition, raising the number of races needed to complete challenge by one.  As the name implies, it takes place outside the famous Camp Nou Stadium home of the best team to ever grace the planet.

About 3.500 runners gathered for the event which started right outside the  temple stadium. There was a good atmosphere before the race with lots of music and a joyous ambience.  Having been living in Latvia for the past six years, I was not used to people chatting with other people and groups of friends racing together. It was a big contrast to the solitary experience of a run or,for that matter, much of life over there.
The course had a few long gradual uphill climbs, with, obviously, their complementary downhill slopes. The hills were at the beginning and that caused quite a few runners to burn out.

I saw two interesting things along the way .  The first was when a female runner had gotten winded or simply tired, and was walking on the side of the course.  Another woman saw her, grabbed her hand and told her loudly to keep running.  It worked and they both ran hand in hand for some distance. The other was an old couple.  He was about 60 and in relatively good shape, one of those old work horse style runners we often see.  She was in her 50’s and quite overweight and was barley shuffling her feet.  At one point she started yelling that she could not go on anymore.  “No Puedo! No Puedo! Por Favor!,” she cried in agony.  He snapped back at her, “Get your fat ass moving, you can do it!” At one point they both stopped and were arguing.  I kept running but was tempted to stop to see the continuation of their spat.

The race ended with a lap around the outside of Camp Nou.  I knew they wouldn’t want three thousand runners trampling the ground of the pitch, however, I was secretly wishing for a more climactic finish, even just ending into the stands.  You can’t have everything, at least the race shirt (part of the race fee of 20 euros) has the Barca emblem on it.


Cursa Barca

Oragnization: 7/10

Bling:3/10 (Only a bottle of water, a sugar drink, flyers for other races and a banana)

Course difficulty: 5/10 (a few climbs)

Vibe of Participants: 6/10


7 thoughts on “Cursa Barca 10K – For those who like anything Barca

  1. Oh, isn’t it so good to be back in civilisation?! Your comment on seeing people talking to each other and friends together just having a good time struck a chord. It IS normal – everywhere but Latvia. Hope you’re happy there!


    1. Haha true. Within one week I know half the parents in the park and my kids are playing with all the kids and I barely speak any Spanish and my kids speak none.

      What are you doing in Germany? Teaching English?


      1. I will be hopefully! Interviewing at the moment. I’ve started a German blog – first few posts are up 🙂
        Oh, your life sounds so normal now! I think Latvia almost convinced me that weird and silent was the norm – glad we both escaped with our sanity and our personalities intact 🙂


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