Cursa del Poble Nou 10K – Running, Botifarra, and Wine

Cursa del Poble Nou is the second race in the Barcelona 10K challenge

I came the previous day to pick up my bib and t-shirt for the Poble Nou race.  The neighborhood seemed quiet, though that might have just been because Barca was playing.  The ladies at the pickup station gave me my number and shirt and when I asked them whether the race was starting at 9:30, they were very quick, out of concern, to warn me repeatedly to come much earlier.

According to my shirt the race was dedicated to a Jose Lazaro, I haven’t been able to find out who he was, perhaps he is this Jose Lazaro, but I have a feeling he was someone more local.

The race itself had about 1.000 runners which was a nice amount of people if you want to avoid all the pushing and stench from a larger race.  The course was generally triangular in shape along the main roads with some twists onto smaller streets.

The fun, however, began at the end of the race.  Normally, picking up your goodie bag at the end of a race is a quick affair, this time I was waiting and waiting.  (For anyone who doesn’t know – you usually receive a bag with water and various promotional material after a race). To make matters worse I was smelling these grilled sausages and feeling very hungry.  As I approached and got my bag, the volunteer gave me another ticket and directed me to the grill. There I got a nice botifarra with tomato bocadillo.  Then came the wine followed by ice cream.

A perfect run.


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