Day before the race

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with the running.  Tomorrow is the biggest running event in Latvia and I have a slight fever, a head cold, and my left hamstring is feeling like a banjo.  I would recommend myself to just stay home tomorrow.  Instead, I have told myself and others that I will go and see how I feel. That, while I will be running, if I feel any discomfort I will abandon the race and go home.   I already know that I won’t do that. I will run and finish and complain about the damage for the next X amount of months. (Unless I really do some damage and I’m left on the side of the road). So, why do I care about a stupid race? I’m not fast. I’m not going to achieve a new personal best time.  I do it because running symbolizes a better life and is the tight rope holding me over bad decisions.  I feel that if I don’t run I will start smoking and drinking and doing everything I don’t want to be doing. So, wish me luck tomorrow and and hope to see everyone at the  Nordea Riga Marathon!!!!

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