Things to do every morning

Wake up early. Exercise. Visualize – Spend 10 minutes a) thinking about what I have and how lucky and grateful I am and b) visualizing where I want to be, what I want to achieve. Read news, both local and world. Make a NOT TO DO list. Make a TO DO list. Tackle the most […]

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Day before the race

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with the running.  Tomorrow is the biggest running event in Latvia and I have a slight fever, a head cold, and my left hamstring is feeling like a banjo.  I would recommend myself to just stay home tomorrow.  Instead, I have told myself and others that I will go and […]

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Injury etiquette

Aside from dreams, facebook, customer service woes, and pets, listening to someone talk about their sports injury has to be one of the most boring topics of conversation. I won’t write about mine on this post, but you can read about it here (I really tried to make it as entertaining as possible). Runners get […]

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