Music for your workout or any other time.


Very often, I like to have a drink while writing.  I don´t always drink while I write.  For example, at work I do most of my writing alcohol free.  However, I do think it is a bit of a misfortune that I drink while writing a blog about running and health issues.  So, to alleviate any feelings of guilt  that might temporarily enter my mind, I have decided to write some booze appropriate content*. Namely music.  Music that I listen to during a run or workout. Many articles talk about cadence when running and how we should strive to have about 180 foot strikes per minute and that, ideally, the beats per minute (bpm) of the music we listen to should be at a corresponding rate.  Maybe they have a point and apparently there are several sites and apps such as Jog FM and Jogtunes which generate playlists for you based on beats per minute.  I tried them and they don’t seem to really work out for me.  I would rather sit at home and shoot heroin than run while listening to Michael Jackson sing “ABC” (188 bmp) or Katy Perry sing “Roar.” (181 bpm) These two albums do the trick and I don’t have to skip around to find the best tracks either, they all rock. 1. IRON MAIDEN LIVE AFTER DEATH What can one say about the best live album ever made.  The whole album will get you through any workout even during the ballads like “Hallowed be thy name”  or “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and I used the term ‘ballad’ very loosely.  The sound is amazing, I would like to see any of the clowns we hear today with their pro-tools and band in a box produce something like this.  The album even starts with a 20 second recording of Winston Churchill which you can use to stretch, if you are into that sort of thing. 2. METALLICA KILL EM ALL Probably the most influential thrash metal album of the 80’s, I’ve loved this album since i was a kid and I know I’m not being original by mentioning it but perhaps a few people will re-visit it, just amazing stuff. Raw and fast, from a time when there were no rules as to how something like this should sound like. 3. AC/DC DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP Proof that Australia can produce good things this is just great rock.  The nervy rhythm of the songs keep you going.  You just get a feeling that they really enjoyed doing bad things.  A must for a run.  I guarantee you will be singing along to “Big Balls” at some point. I listen to lots of music but now that the weather is getting better and the Riga Marathon is approaching, it is albums such as these that I end up returning to again and again.   Would be glad to hear any of your suggestions!   *I was very close to adding ‘content’ to my things I hate post.

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