Taking place three weeks before the Riga Marathon, this is a great way to test how much you have progressed in your training.  There are several distances you can participate in.  If you are planning on running the Marathon in May, then give a try at the half marathon.  I wouldn’t go all out on this race because 3 weeks is a bit close to the race.  However, if you are running the half marathon or 10K during the Riga Marathon, you should push yourself and run in the Bikernieku 11K or 5,5K and see how much of a better runner you are now than a few months ago.  There are also distances for children, so bring the whole family.

The route is interesting as well.  The running path is on a cart race track that winds though a forested park.  As you approach the finish line you will pass spectator stands as you imagine someone with a black and white checkered flag waving you to victory as you jet by him! or  perhaps you just trot to the end, get your medal and go home.

The distances and costs are as follows:

Half marathon
26.02.-17.04.2014: 20 €
18.04.-24.04.2014: 25 €
Late registration, expo and race day: 40 €

 11,5 km
26.02.-17.04.2014: 15 €
18.04.-24.04.2014: 20 €
Late registration, expo and race day: 30 €

5,5 km
26.02.-17.04.2014: 12 €
18.04.-24.04.2014: 15 €
Late registration, expo and race day: 20 €

Children’s race

26.02.-24.04.2014: 2 €
Late registration, expo and race day: 5 €

You can register here:  BIĶERNIEKU HALF MARATHON

The site is in Latvian, and even though I cannot speak Latvian, I can navigate my way through the page.  So please do not hesitate to contact me for any help in signing up!


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