Stuff I don’t like (this week) and should be changed or eliminated.



Life Hacking

I never liked how that sounded. It is almost as if life is some kind of obstacle or a nuisance and you need to circumvent it. Forget about the fact that usually these “great” tips are more trouble than the supposed convenience you have created.  If your view of life is that you need to find clever little tricks to somehow pull a fast one on it, then I think maybe your head needs a good hacking.


Unless you are Japanese or conducting research on Japanese cuisine, let’s just use the English word and say savory.

Texting and driving

this one is obvious and I am also guilty of doing it. I don’t know the stats but there be lots of accidents involving texting. The other day, as I was walking to work, at a red light, one in every cars that pay by had a loser (or loseress) tapping away sending tweets about how the umami in their burger lat night.


Stupid dads

There are quite a few single or stay at home dad’s these days. And even the employed married ones are much different from fathers a few years back. I doubt my dad changed many, if any, diapers. Today’s fathers take care of a lot of the childcare.  Popular culture via mass media and TV shows  portray a bumbling idiot father who can’t prepare a bowl of corn flakes or one who is incapable of unlocking the mystery of what is known as going to the supermarket.  Obviously, they have some catching up with the times to do. So, if it’s taboo to portray a woman with a broom following her husband around the house as he dumps ashes on the floor, it should be the same when showing a guy slipping on a bar of soap and knocking himself out just because he tried to follow the impossible for the male brain task of giving his kid a bath.

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