Jurmala Beach 10K time trial – The beach is for fun.

Jurmala Left Side
This is the beach at Jurmala when facing one direction
Jurmala Right Side
This is the beach at Jurmala when facing another direction
This is the beach at Jurmala when facing yet another direction

It is always good to test yourself every so often to see either how far you have come along or how crappy you are doing.   A 10K run at full stream will not only give you a great indication but is also a great workout.

The best way to do this is by signing up for a local race, followed by either doing it on a track or a place where the distance has been pre measured (some parks have kilometer or mile markers).  You can also do it with a GPS running program on your phone or a GPS watch.

No races were available in my area. The only track i know is never open to the public and I have gotten a bit tired of the usual park run.  Therefore, I chose to do my trial on the beach in Jurmala. It wasn’t ideal for two reasons. Firstly, sand, no matter how compact, will be slower than running on asphalt, concrete or even dirt paths.  Secondly, beaches tend to be windy, and Jurmala is always windy.  So, my plan was to run 5K then turn around and do another 5k.  The first 5 was smooth sailing, but when I turned around to finish the run I realized that my quick pace was due to a nice tailwind which now was a headwind.

Ultimately, although I got a great workout, I ended up with a slow time (56:00) and no way of knowing my progress.  Next time I’ll pay more attention to external variable that can affect a run.

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