20K long run in the cold.


Most people who enjoy running and especially those who are training for an event, usually pick a day to do a long run or at least some more distance than their regular run.  Weekends, obviously, are the most common day for this type of run.  You don’t rush through your long runs and you try to keep a steady pace for a long distance.  Supposedly you should run at a pace where your breath is such that you can hold a conversation.

As you can see in today’s photo (dramatic eh?) the weather had its mind set on making my run a bit more challenging.  What I received in this run:  Very strong winds, tiny hail stones flying horizontally into my face, a street surface of mix of sheer ice, snow, and slush, cars speeding by their tires running into puddles which then landed on me and everyone else on the road.

I still managed to run at a pace where I could hold a conversation, mainly a 2 hour tirade of swear words.

In the end, however, when back at home and relaxing on the couch watching Liverpool take ManU to school, and with my 7 year old jumping on my head each and every time Sturridge touched the ball, I felt relaxed and tired and proud of having gone out and done the run.

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