A 10K scenic run by the shores of the Daugava River in Riga

Daugava 10k run
Scenic route by the shores of the Daugava

Riga is a great city for running.  The streets are wide and there are lots of parks.  You can run anywhere. Only the old town with its old cobble stone roads (and sidewalks) might not be the best place for a run.  This loop, I often take, is a good way to get in some sightseeing with your workout.

I start on Krasta iela right by this guy:


who  reminds me of what the more serious cousin of this guy would look like.

buddy jesus

The route

1st and 2nd km:  While warming up and getting into your desired pace you can enjoy views of the old town on your left and the Stone Bridge on your right.  Then you run under the train bridge and enter a newly constructed promenade which is an ejoyable place to run on.

stone bridge

2nd-4th km:  This a good time to start doing your speed work, especially if are planning on doing this part at night.  Drunks and druggies will accompany you on your run at this point. Enjoy the extra cardio!

salu tilts

4th – 6th km: You can slow down a bit and enjoy the view of river and the city center in the distance.  At one point you will pass the new National Library of Latvia on your left.  I usually make a detour and go all around it before continuing.


6th – 8th km:  You end up on a strip of land which gives you great views of the Old Town, take your time here and run all the way down to the end and enjoy more views of the city.  This is without doubt the best part of the route.

Riga Skyline

8th – 10th km: After snaking around a less interesting spot for 1 km you will find yourself on the Chain Bridge and contrary to the bridge you crossed earlier, this one is completely safe and provides a nice conclusion to your run.

After the run – you deserve a beer.  Go and change and find a nice cafe or you can head out to Kiwi Bar, no one will notice if you smell bad over there.

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