6 ways running can benefit your family life

Cesis Family fun day

Taking the stress from work and dumping it on the pavement and not on your family.  During a run after work you can rethink all the “I should have done this,” or “I will do this tomorrow” that your work leaves you with at the end of the day.  You won’t solve all your problems, but when you enter the door and your kids go “blech, you smell stinky,” as you head for the shower, you will be in a better frame of mind.

Together-time with the kids and wife

Go running together, especially on recovery or slow runs.  Do this while you can if you have little ones.  In a few years the kids will calling YOU to come with them on their recovery slow runs.

Educating kids on the importance of fitness

My kids think of me as a guy who goes to the gym or goes running as much as they think of me as someone who works.  The other day my youngest saw me in the morning with suit and tie and asked me if I was going to go out running.  They think of exercise as normal as putting on your jacket to go out.

It is an activity that you can do for a very long time.

I have visions of the future, when the kids are older and have left the house, of me and my wife going for a run together and then relaxing in our villa in Spain.  I also foresee going for a run with the kids when they come home for a visit.

If you can run up 5 flights of stairs…

Then getting down at night with the Mrs will just get better.

Eating better food

With striving to be a better runner, you have to start to think of what you eat. definitely a tough one for me.  So far, I haven’t seen any benefits of the kids watching us parents eat salad but  I’m hoping that one day they will start to eat what they just call “leaves” one day.  That’s how it worked for me, I hated when my parents made lentil or bean soup and now I remember it as their best meal and is my ultimate comfort food.

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