Does running count as personal time?

Alone on the lake Panagiotis Lianos

The obvious answer is “of course it does!” Especially if you ask the person who is busy looking after the kids and cooking while you are shuffling along the park enjoying the scenery.
I am not going to deny the meditative quality of running and the often needed solitude a sixty minute run can give you. It will definitely relieve you of some stress. Even while sweating on a treadmill in an overheated gym you can let your mind wander and even ponder a hand clapping all by itself.

I can’t help, though, to think about what time to myself used to mean. It was drinks with the guys, it was watching a football game on TV.   Running is very important for me but I don’t know what I would do if forced to chose between never seeing Liverpool play again or foregoing my long runs.

As much as I enjoy running, there is an element of obligation to it. I have to do it in order to stay healthy. Imagine someone who really likes to brush his teeth, would doing that be considered alone time?

Is a two hour morning run and watching Liverpool thrash Arsenal in the evening too much to ask for?


Here is a humorous look into Why dads need ‘me time’ too

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