Winter “scenic” run


Some days are harder than others to head out for a run.  Just like most winter days this year, the temperature was at the freezing point and the sky was just one big grey cloud.  I found it difficult to get motivated to head out the door.  But children truly are an inspiration.  After hearing them fight for twenty minutes, I was ready to go! This run was planned as a pre marathon training run, just to see where I stand.  Took it easy and pushed a little half way.  From a trainer’s eye, it would be called a successful run.  I chose a pretty depressing route and Sunday morning is still considered late Saturday night for some.  So, this gave me the opportunity to do some speed work, varying my pace from 5K race pace to steady trot depending on the street I passed, as well as who was on it.

2 thoughts on “Winter “scenic” run

  1. I love working out on Sunday mornings, as sad as it may sound, but there’s nobody out. Park is empty, just great!
    Fridays night is the worse time to train, park is full of teenagers drinking, not nice.


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